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Mixed Use Development

Whether a town center or a complex manufacturing facility, great places are products of planning, teamwork and execution.

Experiential development.  It’s more than a trend, it is the acknowledgment that big box retail succeeded in meeting the basic transactional needs of consumers but failed to provide meaning, memories and community.  We bring our hospitality and event management experience to our mixed use developments to provide ample connections between our spaces and the very essence of how people want to live their lives. 


An example of our approach is Lake Walk, the premiere mixed use community in Bryan/College Station.  Lake Walk is a Public/Private/Partnership with the City of Bryan whereby the City holds land for development and William Cole Companies plan and develop both the Corporate Campus and Town Center components.


Lake Walk Town Center is the home to The Stella Hotel, Kanji Sushi, The Woodhouse Spa, POV Coffee House, 6 Whiskey Boutique, The Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley and numerous events such as The Local (an artisan market), Eats & Beats, (our concert series), Saturday Morning Yoga, and numerous charitable events, including the CHI St. Joseph Health Gran Fondo bike ride. 


Future restaurant and residential components will add to the vibrant, walkable setting functioning as the social center of both Lake Walk and its neighbor, Traditions Club and Community.

Commercial Build-To-Suit

Our development experience includes specialty-purpose buildings developed on behalf of companies that need to focus on their primary business, not designing, financing and constructing complicated corporate or manufacturing environments.  

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Mixed Use
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